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Living and working in the Isles of Scilly is inspirational.... but also has its difficulties!

Getting supplies of large sheets of coloured glass intact from the mainland can be a bit of a challenge, especially in the winter months when the only supply vessel is held up because of rough weather.

I thought people might be interested in the life of an island-dwelling artisan.

slate sculpture

By Oriel Hicks, May 25 2014 11:09AM

Having had gales over the winter and made sculptures from the driftwood (see previous blog entry) I got bitten by the mosaic bug. I found an offcut of slate from when I'd had the hearth to my woodburner laid, and split pieces off it using a primitive chisel made from a sharpened screwdriver...

I had been given an anglegrinder by my husband for my last birthday (as one does) so I cut parallel channels into the stone and chiselled out a groove between them to take the tesserai. The result is on the gallery 2 page. I then found a couple of old roof slates and some still-painted, worm-eaten driftwood, probably from some wrecked boat, and made a couple of hanging pictures from these. I really like the different textures.

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