Oriel Hicks,

Glass Artist.

Porthmellon Business Park,

St. Mary's

Isles of Scilly

TR21 0JY


01720 422900



I hope you find something to inspire you on this site.....

I have been making stained & fused glass at the Phoenix Studio in the Isles of Scilly for many years. They are astonishingly beautiful islands set 28 miles off the Cornish coast, with silver-sand beaches and unbelievably clear, turquoise sea.

Agapanthus blooms and arum lilies grow wild and we export scented narcissi to the mainland from September, right through the winter months when the mainland is in the grip of ice and snow.

A huge variety of wildlife also lives here, or passes through on migration. Rare birds, dolphins and minke whales. Even the American monarch butterfly has been seen when blown off course.

There is plenty here to stimulate an artist on a daily basis. The clarity of the light and intensity of colour is reminiscent of the Caribbean... though the water is much colder!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my ideas and designs, and maybe you will feel moved to visit.

Alternatively, many of the objects on the gallery pages are for sale, just email or ring me if you are interested. Most can be posted.