Rating of the best mechanical car theft protection in 2020

One of the very common crimes that occurs today is car theft.Thefts take invest poorer countries, where criminals try to make extra money by stealing cars from unsuspecting owners and drivers. But in fact, the picture is completely different. The statistics clearly show some important trends around the world. To know more, check out: best wheel locks

The very first trend is that theft isn't limited by any specific region of the entire world and is widespread. Secondly, there must be a fantasy in these statistics that hijackings only occur in underdeveloped countries. In comparison, theft is apparently more common in advanced economies. If you appear closely, in addition, it makes sense.

When a thief steals a car, they can do a few things with it. The very first option is to market the car on the black market after removing the license plate. Next, the car is difficult to track. The next option would be to take the parts off and sell them separately in order that buyers could make custom machines or repair their existing ones at a much lower cost because parts will undoubtedly be cheaper.

To accomplish either of both of these actions, the hijackers need usage of high quality cars and lots of them. The advanced economies have a higher percentage of the population compared to the underdeveloped countries. In addition, the black market in developed countries will undoubtedly be larger because of high demand for it. For each one of these reasons, theft is more likely in developed countries than in developing countries. Therefore, even if you reside in Russia, you should take additional measures to protect yours.

Kinds of mechanical devices

One of the finest ways to guard against car thieves is by using mechanical anti-theft protection as it could provide additional protection and, more importantly, satisfaction for you personally everbody knows your car will undoubtedly be safe. But choosing an anti-theft device is not easy because the marketplace is flooded with so many options.

The best way to pick the proper device would be to know what each device on the list is and how it can protect your vehicle. Another aspect to think about is whether this revolutionary product is fantastic for your model and brand. In most cases, vehicle anti-theft devices fall into two categories.

One sounding devices is fairly straightforward and made to be disabled when stolen. The idea is this significantly lowers the rating for the hijackers because they won't have the ability to produce a fortune from it.

The next category is modern devices that provide you more protection, including ways to even track your car when it's stolen. There are many safety devices available under each option, so we'll have a look at each one to assist you highlight the one which you think works best.

Transmission lock

Benefits and Features:

· can only be opened and locked with an integral;

· hidden in the console; installed in regular places;

· protected from opening with a false key and impacts;

· independent of battery status and other functions;

· does not become brittle when cooled with liquid nitrogen.

The lockless transmission lock is made for most models, including SUVs. The principle of the anti-theft blocking would be to block the moving joints in the gearshift mechanism. Manual transmissions are locked in reverse position and automatic transmissions are locked in parking position.

The anti-theft system is user friendly with no lock. To close it, you only need to engage the car's reverse gear, insert the key to the keyhole and turn it. Opening is just as easy.

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